Bluink Key Android

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Known Issues

  • Phones running pre-Marshmallow (v6.0) has known issues with the Android keystore when adding or removing authentication methods (PINs, passwords, biometrics) used to unlock the phone

    It is recommended that you make a backup of your Bluink Key credentials to prevent loss of this data in the event that the keystore is erased. For more information please see this article.

  • Need to restart app to switch languages

  • Can't open .inj backup file

    • Outlook or owa

      Cause: Backup file becomes unusable because Outlook adds an extension of .eml

      Workaround: Send backup using Gmail or default Android mail app OR Find file where you stored it from Outlook and rename to remove the .eml extension

    • Trello

      Workaround: Download the file or send using mail app.

  • Autolock settings not exact

    On Android devices, the system will reclaim memory from running apps. This means that even on 'Never' Bluink Key may autolock and require a password to encrypt data in memory again. Note that the app will only lock after a set number of minutes when it is in the background.

  • Selecting Bluink Key may cause app to scan again

    Workaround: Restart the app and turn Bluetooth off/on.

  • Camera must be available for QR code scan

    If not, the QR code scan may cause the Bluink Key app to stop.


  • Added new credential templates.



  • Added support for Swiss French keyboard.

  • Bluetooth connectivity improvements.



  • Bug fixes to device connection when user has multiple devices


  • New workflow for adding Bluink Key devices

  • New onboarding process for new installs

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements to UI

  • Updated navigation drawer options



  • Fix crashes for devices running Android versions prior to Lollipop

  • Stability improvements


  • Memory usage optimizations

  • Bug fix for dialog boxes persisting after application locks


  • New notes section for credentials

  • Can now detect new Bluink Key firmware versions 4.14+

  • Bug fix for drawing issues during animations

  • Stability improvements

  • UI enhancements to dialog boxes


  • UI changes for editing credential sets

  • UI changes for adding credential sets

  • New UI for U2F Keys accessed through navigation drawer



  • Fixed a bug related to multiple button presses of the Bluetooth Icon causing Bluink Keys to be unable to connect


  • Add in-app support view for viewing device diagnostic logs and sending troubleshooting information to our support team

  • UI changes to device details view


  • Fixed a bug where a confirmation dialog would keep asking the user to save changes when cancel option was selected

  • Fixed a bug with change password online view menu not displaying items properly when too many items are in the credential

  • New password report feature accessable from the settings menu


  • Change password online enhancements

  • Long press on Bluetooth icon now opens a list of paired Bluink Keys to connect UI enhancements


  • New change password online feature

  • New old passwords view


  • New recents feature during filter mode

  • New quick credential item access using long press on the My Credentials dashboard

  • Improved backup creation/import time significantly. (Warning new backups created will not be compatible with previous app versions). Old backups will still be able to work.


  • Stability improvements


  • Optimizations for large number of credentials (more than 500)

  • FIDO U2F protocol optimizations for large number of credentials

  • Usability fix on credential item edit for title/value fields



  • Fixed a crash on credentials with biometric unlock policy on phones without biometric capabilities


  • Fixed a crash that prevented pre-lollipop devices from working


  • Fixed a crash happening on pre-lollipop devices


  • Minor bug fix related to credential templates


  • Major bug fixes and stability improvements

  • UI changes/enhancements

  • Support for phones running on x86 and MIPS architectures



  • New keyboard settings for English (GBM) Mac, German T1 (Removed German T2), French (CAN) CSA, German Mac, French Mac.

  • Minor bug fixes/stability improvements with bluetooth device connection.


  • New workflow for adding credentials

  • Minor bug fixes.

  • New preference in "Connectivity" to enable/disable confirmation before credential injection


  • Bigger Injector button

  • Confirm when Injector button pressed for credentials


  • New lock screen

  • New password change flow