Bluink Enterprise Android

Download the latest version from Google Play. Data will not be lost on upgrade, but it is recommended that you back up your personal credentials.


  • Added local authentication policy support

  • Changed policy support to apply on trying to view the credential

  • Updates to geofence and reauthentication policies


  • Added new credential templates.


  • Added support for Swiss French keyboard
  • Bluetooth connectivity improvements


  • New workflow for adding Bluink Key devices

  • New onboarding process for new installs

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements to UI

  • Update navigation drawer options

  • Bug fixes to device connection when user has multiple devices



  • Crash Fixes for devices running Android versions prior to Lollipop

  • Stability improvements


  • Bug fix for TLS exceptions on Android versions < 5.0

  • Bug fix for drop buttons not appearing correctly when connected

  • Bug fix for generating random passwords not filling in fields correctly


  • Memory usage optimizations

  • Crash fix when user is on U2F Key view

  • Bug fix for dialog boxes persisting after application locks


  • New notes section for credentials

  • UI enhancements to dialog boxes

  • Can now detect new Bluink Key firmware versions 4.14+


  • UI changes for editing credentials

  • UI changes for adding credentials

  • New UI for U2F Keys accessed through navigation drawer

  • New UI for enterprise account details in accessed through "More details" button in Enterprise view



  • Fix a bug related to multiple button presses of the Bluetooth Icon causing Bluink Keys to be unable to connect


  • Add an in-app support view for viewing device diagnostic logs and sending troubleshooting information to our support team.

  • Add Canadian provincial geofences support.

  • UI changes to device details view


  • Fix a bug where a confirmation dialog would keep asking the user to save changes when cancel option was selected

  • Fix a bug with change password online view menu not displaying items properly when too many items are in the credential

  • New password report feature accessable from the settings view

  • New change password online feature accessable from the update credential view

  • New old password view accessable from the update credential view


  • Add recents feature during filter mode

    Click on filter icon on top right, then on clock on filters bar. This will show all the credentials you've edited or injected recently. This can be handy for accessing your most frequently used credentials.

  • Add long press feature on credentials view

    Long press on a credential to inject individual items quickly

  • Improve backup creation/import time significantly

    Note: New backups created will not be compatible with previous app versions. Old backups will still work with this new version.

  • Optimize performance for many credentials


  • Crash fix on settings view

  • Crash fix on adding credentials

  • Crash fix for updating credentials

  • Bug fix for GOTO command not working with custom web logins


  • Major stability improvements

  • Major UI enhancements

  • Performance improvements

  • Fixed FIDO U2F timeout on registration/authentication

  • Usability enhancements


  • Opt-in quick unlock feature

    Enterprise users can unlock the phone with only the first four characters of their master password

  • Support for finer autolock options

  • Handle user suspend/reactivate/delete notifications

    Now issues a policy update via push notifications

  • User may now paste an enterprise code to register

    This is an alternative registration method for users that cannot open the registration attachment

  • Major performance improvements

  • Bigger Injector button

  • Confirm when Injector button pressed for credentials


  • New restore backup feature

  • New lock screen

  • New password change flow

  • Stability improvements