Bluink Key iOS

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Known Issues

  • Some key sequences on foreign keyboards don't work on Mac OS

    Workaround: If some keys are not working for your international keyboard, you can switch the app to US keyboard and put system keyboard into Unicode mode on the Mac.

  • Characters can be lost when using IE on HP computers. This is caused by processes interfering with keyboard throughput

    Workaround: Stop the following tasks using Task Manager in order to get it to work reliably:

    • hkcmd Module
    • opvapp
    • HP SimplePass Application
    • HP SimplePass BHO Broker (all instances)


  • Updated pairing and setup of Bluink Key devices.

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.


  • Updated key setup process.

  • UI improvements.

  • Fixed bugs.


  • Usernames and emails will now be suggested when creating new credentials

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements


  • Added support for future versions of the Bluink Key firmware.

  • Bug fixes and improvements.


  • Updated the UI and workflow of adding and editing credentials.


  • Add in-app support view for viewing device diagnostic logs and sending troubleshooting information to our support team.


  • Improve connected Bluink Key switching


  • Change the passwords of your sites from within the app using our new context driven browser

  • Previously used passwords for your logins are now stored automatically into a separate menu

  • Search for logins no longer focuses on current filters


  • Rebrand from Injector to Bluink Key

  • Hotfix for U2F key registration


  • Rebrand from Injector to Bluink Key

  • Hotfix for Save/Discard UI consistency


  • Rebranded from Injector to Bluink Key


  • Improve credentials filter by tags

  • New recently used credential finder

  • New quick credential item access using long press on the My Credentials dashboard

  • New quick Injector device selector from the Bluetooth connection button on the action bar


  • Stability improvements


  • Support for more French keyboard types

  • Quick Unlock feature for those without TouchID


  • Onboarding views

  • Minor UI tweaks


  • New password change flow

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements