Bluink Identity iOS

Download the latest version from iTunes.


  • Geofence and reauthentication policies on enterprise-managed relying parties are updated to provide more flexibility in how and where your registered identity can be used.


  • Choose the combination code from a list instead of typing from your display.

  • Pull down history view to refresh/check for new requests.

  • Bug fixes and improvements.


  • Add colour to the navigation bar

  • Support transaction verification, with improved logic to support more use-cases in the future

  • Implement an alternative method to retrieve the transaction data for situations where push notifications do not deliver the data successfully

    Pull-down to refresh on the history view


  • Added logs view, accessible through settings

  • Stability improvements


  • New configuration policies are available to add another level of security. You can now add geofences and re-authentication with your iPhone's Passcode or Touch ID to your login requests.


  • Initial release

  • 2FA via push notifications with registered users and relying parties