Bluink Enterprise iOS

Download the latest version from iTunes. Data will not be lost on upgrade, but it is recommended that you back up your personal credentials.


  • Local authentication only mode of operation has been added, relying on the phone's own hardware security rather than a user password.

  • Geofence and reauthentication policies on enterprise-managed credentials are updated to provide more flexibility in how and where credentials are used.

  • Maximum offline time policy has been added to help keep shared credentials and enterprise policies up to date.

  • Disable user editing policy has been added to help prevent user error when using shared credentials.


  • Update new user registration with their on-prem enterprise service.

  • Update pairing and setup of Bluink Key devices.

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.


  • Suggest usernames and emails when creating new credentials

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements


  • Update the UI and workflow of adding and editing credentials


  • Add an in-app support view for viewing device diagnostic logs and sending troubleshooting information to our support team.

  • Add Canadian provincial geofences support.


  • New password report

    Find out at a glance where you are vulnerable with weak passwords, or check which passwords are used more than once.

  • Add support for optional location-enabled enforcement for enterprise provided geofenced credentials


  • Change the passwords of your sites from within the app using our new context driven browser

  • Previously used passwords for your logins are now stored automatically into a separate menu

  • Search for logins no longer focuses on current filters


  • Optimize sync with server

  • Create backups with an improved algorithm

    Note: New backups created will not be compatible with previous app versions. Old backups will still work with this new version.

  • Add filters for recently used credentials

  • Add filters for tags, personal, and enterprise credentials.


  • Optimizations for handling many credentials

  • Stability improvements


  • Opt-in quick unlock feature

    Enterprise users can unlock the phone with only the first four characters of their master password

  • Support for finer autolock options

  • Handles user suspend/reactivate/delete notifications

    Now issues a policy update via push notifications

  • User may now paste an enterprise code to register

    This is an alternative registration method for users that cannot open the registration attachment


  • New restore backup feature

  • New password change flow

  • Stability improvements